Two Weeks Notice

trail run

It’s about 17 days until 50K race day.  Time to give my body two weeks notice that it is about to be trashed in exchange for bragging rights and a race medal, should the stars align.  I have to say, I’ve been tapering for about 6 weeks now, a taper length which doesn’t actually exist on any legit training plan.  More accurately, I signed up for a 24 week program and peaked at week 18 by accident.

I knew the last month of training was going to be tricky, filled with social commitments, volunteer hours, and those lingering freezing cold DC spring mornings.  I didn’t anticipate how much I would loathe running in those final weeks leading up to race day.  I’m chalking this up to poor weather combined with a purposeful lack of training buddies, both of which backfired into boredom and burnout.

Rather than dig myself further into an emotional hole, I decided to take some time off.  I wanted to feel fresh on race day, both emotionally and physically.  Heck, all I need to do is show up to the race start and I’ve outdone my past two marathon performances.  I’m pretty sure I’ll finish, give that the course is a loop, and the alternative to finishing is sleeping in the woods alone overnight.  There’s some motivation, although at mile 25, sleeping in the woods will probably seem like a brilliant idea.

I’m incredibly excited about race day…the travel, the scenery, the people, the vegan eats, and the inevitable suffering, which I am now oddly craving due to my exceptionally long taper…mission accomplished.  I’m pretty sure my 3-part race strategy is still spot on:

  1. Stay upright
  2. Stay on course
  3. Finish



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