When Resting, Rest.

Cabo Mexico

Greetings from 10Kale land.  It’s so nice to be back to my beloved blogging practice.  Seems I took an extended siesta after my trip to Mexico in February.  Funny how a slight change of routine often sends my daily habits into a tailspin.  Fortunately, I’ve been down that road many times with running, so I know how to get back into gear after some down time.

Speaking of down time, Mexico was fantastic.  I made a bold and uncomfortable decision to not pack my running shoes and run exactly zero miles during my trip.  The former militant me would have never allowed myself the possibility of a training break, even on vacation.  However, I vowed to make this training cycle different.  Lower stress.  Sustainable.  Fun.

I once read a little zen proverb that goes something like this: “When walking, walk. When eating, eat.”  It follows then, that when resting, rest.  I was in Mexico to rest, and so I did.  There would be other time to run and work, but without rest, my running and my spirit would surely suffer.

I’m happy to say that I rested and feel ready as ever to tackle my next race.  After which, I look forward to dipping my toes in the ocean once again.


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