If You Don’t Like To Cook

I am the cook in my family.  Thoughts of food cross my mind like clouds through the sky.  I think it’s because I am an artist at heart.  I love the idea of creating with food, and the minimalist in me loves the fact that my work in the kitchen is impermanent.  With each meal, I have a new blank canvas upon which I can combine colors and flavors and textures into a unique masterpiece, an expression of love I share with my family.

My husband thinks cooking is torture.  The idea of chopping a salad invokes in him feelings of ‘Just Kill Me Now’.  He is willing to eat the same granola bar for breakfast 100 days in a row without complaining, just so he can tear open the wrapper and move on with his life.  Lunch does not cross his mind until lunchtime, which takes place whenever his workday naturally pauses.  His favorite dinner is anything I am willing to make for him without his involvement.

So who in our relationship has the nutritional advantage?

My husband tends not to snack, because it’s too much work.  He doesn’t ponder his upcoming meals, nor does he judge what he has just eaten.  He lets hunger be his guide by eating when he needs to and moving on.

Meanwhile, I might be battling cravings from reading food blogs and cookbooks for inspiration.  I am aware that there are exactly 3 hours and 12 minutes until my next meal.   I have days set aside for grocery shopping and meal prep, and food choices set the tone of my day.

My point here is that if you don’t like to cook, then don’t.  You may have a tactical advantage in that food is not a big deal to you.  Perhaps you don’t think about food much.  I’m assuming you may also not like doing dishes, so you’re going to win here, too.

One of the beneficial side effects of a plant based diet is that you can eat your food raw or at least cold.  Another advantage is that sometimes you can rinse dishes with water and reuse (think salad spinner, cutting board, knives).  Less prep creates less mess.  Antibacterial soap is no longer necessary, so you just saved both time and money.

Go ahead, embrace your lack of kitchen interest and make it work for you.  Don’t assume you cannot succeed with your health goals.  Know yourself, and work with who you are.  We all have to start somewhere, as long as we just start.

Some great breakfast ideas for non-cooks are smoothies, overnight oats, chia pudding, or trail mix.  Lunch or dinner could be wraps, spreads like hummus, raw veggies, or canned beans.  Put your takeout meal over some shredded lettuce and call it a salad.  You are officially eating better, no cooking involved.



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