With the arrival of 2017, I have been pondering what I want to accomplish over the coming year.  I’ve gotten away from making New Year’s Resolutions, as they seem to play the role of Rules-Waiting-to-Be-Broken more often than not.

Instead, I now think of the New Year as a time to ‘check the map’ and navigate my life.  If I get bogged down in the minutiae of daily habits and routines, I sometimes forget to look up and steer the ship.

Where have I been headed and where do I want to go moving forward?  Do I need to make any course corrections to stay on track?  This concept of navigation leaves room for progress vs. perfection.  It gives me time to move towards a goal and the freedom to adjust my path if need be.

For the past few years I’ve been in learning mode.  Reading books, absorbing information, studying, contemplating, planning, experimenting, following others.  As a minimalist, I’ve long since given up on consumer goods, but I’m still a consumer of information.  This felt informative for a period of time, but now feels passive and stagnant.

2017 is calling me to take action.  Moving forward, I want to produce, give back, and create.  We all have a purpose and unique perspective to share.   Mine is of moving, munching, and minimalism, so that’s where I’m going…one post at a time.


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