Seek Variety, Shun Excess

One thing I have observed through practicing minimalism is the concept that anything in excess can be harmful, even our favorite things.  Too much socializing, and we neglect our own quiet reflection.  Too many possessions and we lose time managing them.  Too much food and we feel sluggish and heavy.  Too much exercise and we feel depleted and fatigued.

This concept of excess can apply not only to quantity, but also to singular pursuits.  How often have I neglected strength training in my singular pursuit of running?  Surely both would complement my overall goal of a healthy body, yet often I tend to focus only on my primary interest.

How often have I focused on decluttering to the point of neglecting the activities or personal relationships I want to add into my life?

This is a mistake.  As humans, we are not meant to do, enjoy, or have just one thing.  Our complex minds and bodies thrive on the stimulation and adaptation that comes from exposing ourselves to variety.  A problem arises when we confuse the pursuit of variety with the promotion of excess.

As an aspiring minimalist, I value removing excess distractions from my life, but I often find myself leaning too far towards singular pursuits.  Surely minimalism is not dogma which forbids variety.  Rather, minimalism should be the lightness and freedom to pursue variety.  Only then will we understand what we value most.


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