Big Dreams, Small Steps

I’m training for another marathon.  The medal rack in my home gym is full, except for one final empty peg.  Past race bibs sit in a dusty pile in the corner, still waiting to be displayed on my gym wall.  I look at my growing pile of compression gear, and contemplate why I own enough knee socks to clothe a roller derby team.  Is it time for a new goal?

Books on ultra-marathons and trail running have crept into my Kindle library.  I spend my morning coffee sessions browsing European sporting sites, trying to figure out how am I going to run UTMB if I’m scared of the dark and my version of cold is 55 degrees.

Ok, so my mind wanders sometimes.

That being said, I think we all need to dream big.  The problem with too much dreaming is that life only responds to action, not intention.  It’s crucial to put the internet down, lace up the running shoes, and walk out the front door.  Today I can go for a run, but Europe must wait.

Is an ultra-marathon in my future?  Eh, maybe.  Translation:  I’m not there yet, but it remains on my bucket list, along with sliding down a rainbow, and losing those last 10 pounds (darn you, nut butter).

Big dreams are built on small actions.  I still dream big, but for now, what I can do is head out the door for my run each day.  I’ve heard that a marathon is approximately 33,000 steps.  That’s not so small after all.




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