Food Fight

I had the opportunity to volunteer for Feed My Starving Children yesterday by attending an event called Food Fight 2016.  I have put so much thought lately into my decision to simplify my own eating habits.  I have contemplated how so many people in the world suffer from lack of access to basic meals, yet so many Americans suffer the opposite.  We suffer both physically, from access to excessive amounts of food, and emotionally, from overwhelming food choices and nutritional advice.

Wouldn’t it be nice for everyone if we could balance things out a bit?

For that reason, I spent the better part of 3 hours Sunday afternoon on an assembly line, packing meals consisting of vitamin powder, dehydrated vegetables, soy protein, and rice into sealed bags that would be shipped around the world.  Music blared, volunteers danced and laughed, I met new people, and together, over the course of the weekend, we packed over 5 million individual meals.  It was a rewarding, fun, and productive experience.

Afterwards, everyone was tired and hungry, so my family headed to a nearby restaurant for dinner.  We were given menus, and had access and the ability to afford virtually any drink, appetizer, meal, or dessert that our tired minds could imagine.  I had trouble making a decision on what to order, as there were so many choices available.  We probably ate a little too much, and spent a little more that we needed to.

Meanwhile, 5 million meals sat in a warehouse across the street, all simple, and all the same.  No one from my family ordered rice and soy protein for dinner that night, but others around the world would savor that humble meal one day soon.  Who would be more thankful for their food at the end of the day?




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