I am an aspiring minimalist.  Right now my lifestyle isn’t exactly minimal, which I suppose makes me a minimalisn’t.  However, I’ve come a long way in this practice since I first came across the concept.

I remember discovering the term ‘minimalist’ and feeling a tiny tug at my heartstrings, my soul whispering that this was something I wanted to be, or already was.  Moments later, that beautiful flutter of hope was squashed flat under the heavy weight of my stuff.  For me, becoming minimalist was instant in my heart, but looking around, it was going to take some time and effort in my life.  Still, it was time to align my lifestyle with the real me.

The problem with hard working people is that when we have a singular focus, we move towards it with lightning speed and determination.  If that focus is not in our best interest, we can dig ourselves into quite a deep hole before the person next door has even broken ground.  For many years, I held the intention of accumulating wealth as quickly as possible.  When I had the financial means to spend, I did.   Ironically, these pursuits seem at odds with each other in hindsight.

The thrill of earning and spending eventually faded, and I felt overwhelmed and tired instead.  I don’t have too many stories of adventure from this period of my life.  Mostly mortgage payments, credit card bills, jobs I didn’t like, and shopping trips to Target for things I no longer remember.  Glamorous, I know.  Welcome to my world.

Luckily, I remain hard working, so I’ve already begun addressing much of the physical clutter.  I’ve gone through my Goodwill donation phase.  I’ve streamlined my wardrobe.  I’ve even scanned my photos and tossed some sentimental fluff.  It’s been a start, but there is so much more I want to give back to the world.  I think the process of rightsizing our possessions is about 1% of what minimalism means.  After that comes your new life, and that’s where the adventure and beautiful uncertainty begins.



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