Wise Advice From My Fitness Fairy

Richmond Half Marathon Race Report:  Epic Fail.  Ok, I’ll  give myself partial credit and call it an intentional fail.  The half marathon was this past Saturday, and after much pondering, I bagged the race and didn’t go.  I’m honored to have supported the local Richmond economy with my race registration fee, and now I don’t have to bother donating my race shirt to charity, so it’s not all bad.  Life happens, so I must pick up and run on.

Sounds backwards, but the problem was how good I’ve been running lately.  My shins are feeling normal again, and after a solid 5 weeks of consistent running, I can say that I am right where I need to be.  However, I am still only up to 5 miles in my long run, which means any attempt at a half marathon right now would place undue stress on my unsuspecting little legs.  I’m confident that I could have finished the race, but I chose to opt out.  Discipline sucks at times.  So does the denial of my race medal.  Ouch.

I used to train with a stellar coach and long time friend.  Although she steadfastly supported my fitness goals, she occasionally hinted to me that I should consider the larger picture and refrain from my irrational and sometimes spontaneous quests for fitness glory.  Like that time I snuck in a V02 max text right before a race, or the time I ran 3 marathons in 5 weeks, or my attempt to bike up Alpe d’Huez in a mid-afternoon heat wave (that did not end well).  I’ve guiltily snuck in extra workouts and deleted a few Garmin files that she never knew about (sorry, Coach), but her advice did eventually sink in.

So now her advice that you can screw your larger plans if you don’t stay smart sticks with me, like a wise little sage (or devil) sitting on my shoulder, quietly whispering to my conscience that this workout might not be in my best interest.  I try to flick her away like an annoying little gnat, but like an ethereal fitness fairy, she lands gently back on my shoulder and reminds me to be reasonable.  Wisdom stays with you, whether you welcome it or not.  I guess I’m officially old and wise.

Well, I am technically older now, after celebrating my 42nd birthday on Sunday.  Since I missed my race, I had the unexpected benefit of being able to bring my son home from school for my birthday, which was better than a medal anyway.




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