Super Turtle – October 2015


Who Needs Training Peaks?


As I mentioned ad nauseum in my last two posts, my shins were bothering me back in September.  I allowed myself one last longish run of 12 miles on Sept. 10.  After that, I forced myself to take a month off from running, which would allow me proper time for pouting and recovery.  So there’s not much mileage to report back from September:  5 runs, 39 miles.  That is all.

I almost made it to the one month mark, caving in for my first run on Oct. 8th.  I vowed to move forward with some kinder, gentler, shorter runs for a while.  For the most part, I hovered around 30 minutes per day.  As long as I ran one mile, I counted it as a run for the day.  Slow was my motto for the month.

This whole conservative running thing was bound to get super boring, super fast.  I needed something to stay motivated, so I started putting a cute little stamp of my new logo, Super Turtle, in my planner each day I ran.  I’m crafty, so I respond well to cuteness.  Super Turtle reminded me that I can run slow and still be awesome.  Here he is, taking up room in my planner:

Here are my stats for October:

Number of Runs:  21

Total Miles:  69.9

Longest Run:  4.54 miles

Longest Run Streak:  13 days


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