Habit Change

I recently took a look at some of my habits with a fresh perspective. I thought about whether they supported my goals, or distracted me from them. I decided to subtract a few things for a while and here’s what I observed:

Twitter – it’s mainly a commercial feed disguised as conversation
Instagram – life is beautiful without a filter
Garmin – runs still count without obsessing over the data
Driving – many errands can wait or aren’t necessary at all
Cooking – dinner can be simple and made without a recipe
Email – if it’s truly important, they’ll follow up
Buying Books – there is unlimited free stuff to read out there
Shopping – most of my stuff is clutter and rarely gets used
Television – endless commercials about spending and eating…no thanks
Photographs – enjoying the moment far exceeds trying to preserve it

Let’s get real. I know I can’t ignore my email indefinitely, or avoid using my car in the winter. But what if I can just for today? I can easily live without all of the above. The challenge of habits is that they creep in without us noticing. The beauty of habits is that they can be changed.


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