Going Stealth


I decided to buy a new road bike last summer after tagging along to a friend’s cycling camp and thinking that it looked supremely fun.  Those stealth-bomber-esque matte black bike frames were really popular in 2014.  Being counterculture, therefore, I wanted the opposite.  I picked out a colorful new bike, which far exceeded my skill level, assuming I would ‘grow’ into it.  Shipment was delayed, so I eventually gave up on waiting, cancelled, and ordered a new bike, which then had to be sent back for warranty replacement due to some minor frame damage.

Fast forward 6 months, and my new, new, new bike has finally arrived.  All black.  At this point, I didn’t care if it was leopard print, as long as it was rideable.  I just kept thinking of how I needed a year to get ready for the cycling camp this July, but now it’s mid-February, and I’m onto Plan B…the accelerated become-a-cycling-expert-in-5-months plan.  This should go well.

I think my bike purchase experience was metaphorical, in a way, for my training experience.  I am at Point A (without bike…at my current skill level) and I am trying to get to Point B (with bike…at my peak performance).  Usually I get to Point B, but it never looks quite like I imagined, and the path to getting there is far from a straight line, requiring flexibility and adaptation.  So here I go again.  Designing my training plan, and some custom graphics to go on my new black beauty.


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