My Cozi Capsule Kitchen

A friend asked me if I was participating in the Capsule Kitchen Challenge, since I had mentioned it in yesterday’s blog post about simplifying.  The answer is yes…and no…kind of.

YES, because:

  • I love the idea of simplicity
  • I want to think about meal planning less
  • I want to save money on groceries

NO, because:

  • I don’t like food rules
  • I refuse to follow a rigid diet
  • It could become a stressful burden to uphold if taken to a perfectionist level

So here’s my ‘Kind of’ version.  I’m in love with the Cozi app for my grocery lists.  Last month, after reading the article, I decided to make a grocery list with my 33 favorite items.  The stuff all my meals are usually made from.  There are some extras thrown in there at the bottom, because that’s the way I wanted it.  You may not agree with my top 33, and so yours would likely be different.  Here it goes, straight from Cozi (you can email your grocery lists to yourself…super cool):

Groceries list
– Bananas
– Oranges
– Frozen Berries
– Apples
– Lemons
– Dates
– Spinach
– Romaine
– Kale
– Broccoli
– Carrots
– Celery
– Onion
– Garlic
– Red Peppers
– Avocado
– Sweet Potatoes
– Tomatoes


– Coffee
– Tea
– Non-dairy Milk

– Lentils
– Black Beans
– Garbanzo Beans
– Tofu
– Tempeh
– Protein Powder

– Brown Rice
– GF Tortillas
– GF Oats

– Walnuts
– Flaxseed
– Nut Butter

– Coconut Oil
– Olive Oil
– Maple Syrup
– Coconut Milk
– Earth Balance Spread

– Miso
Cozi has this nice little feature of being able to check off items from your grocery list.  So, my list always stays the same.  When I purchase something from the store, I check it off, when I run out and need more, I uncheck it.  That way, I always have a running list of what I need when I’m in the mood to grocery shop (which is not often).  So far, so good.  If my mood changes and I get tired of an item, I swap it out for a new one, which keeps the list at 33.  Well, technically 39 if you count the extra stuff.
It’s been pretty nice so far, and I found that a lot of items on my list are sold without packaging or in bulk, so as long as I bring my favorite produce bags, my grocery trips aren’t creating as much packaging waste as they used to…an added bonus.  I’ve found out that I can make most of my favorite simple meals with the items above, and if my family members have enough initiative to complain about the choices, then I periodically throw in some of their grocery requests to keep ’em happy.

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